30 Days Wild


Hands up who else wants to find a squirrel with a light sabre?

OK so this picture is not something you might see on a walk but the wonderful world out there is filled with equally amazing things to explore. This is why the Wildlife Trust have set up the 30 Days Wild challenge to make room for nature this June. Quite simply they want you to do something wild every day in June.

“Some campaigns ask you for money. Others ask you to bake, grow a moustache or give up things that are bad for you. Well, we’re not asking for you to give us something and we don’t want you to stop doing anything. All we want is for you to give yourself some time with nature. When you sign up, you’ll get a pack full of ideas, inspiration and information on local events and places you can explore. You’ll get emails throughout the month with links to things you can do near where you live, activities to inspire you and you can also join in with #30DaysWild or through blogging.” 30 Days Wild

It is so easy to sign up, just visit this link, enter a few details and voilà- you can download the pack and sign up for some blasts of inspiration in your inbox! I was lucky enough to get one of the paper packs through the post but the download is easy enough and you don’t have to wait for the postman to arrive! I have already started compiling my list for the month and I can’t wait to share updates with you throughout June. If you are looking for more inspiration for things you can do then check out the #30DaysWild hashtag on Twitter or check out this great blog post by Louise! So many good ideas!

30 Days Wild Wallchart

I have the Wallchart in my classroom so that me and the children can share our wild ideas!

For a final dose of inspiration you can watch this video from the Wildlife Trust.

If you do take part in the challenge please do share what you get up to! I will be updating the blog with some general ideas and some Cambridge specific ones too so check back soon!



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