Wandlebury- for schools and families

Wandlebury (1)

Wandlebury- beautiful at any time of the day and year!

It is amazing what can be right on your doorstep. Where I live in Cambridge we are lucky enough to have Wandlebury a 5 minute drive down the road. It is free to get in but if you drive you will need £3 for parking but once you walk around you will see that this is a small price to pay. Seeking out these wonderful local places can be fantastic for families and schools for so many reasons.

  • they are close which means they don’t require as much planning!
  • for schools this means cheaper coach costs.
  • being local means repeat visits can be made and so children can get to experience the changing of the seasons and a landscape.
  • repeat visits mean you can really get to know a place. I think every time I go to Wandlebury (and I go a lot!) I see something new or find a new route to follow.

All of the above can apply to anywhere in the country so check out your local country park!

Sitting down and taking in the view after a walk in the woodlands.

Sitting down and taking in the view after a walk in the woodlands.

So what makes Wandlebury so special? As I mentioned above it is only a short drive from Cambridge and has the most wonderful opportunities for walks and enough open spaces to sit down, relax, read a book and take in such a special space. The woodlands and meadows are teeming with wildlife and things to explore. As a bit of a history geek I also love the myths and legends that surround the site. Intrigued? Have a read (but make sure you come back!) Did that whet your appetite? The myths and legends would be a great way in for schools to work on myths and legends in the curriculum and this is something that I am sure families would enjoy investigating as well!

As if exploring the site itself and immersing yourself in its stories wasn’t enough there are so many other things families and schools can do at Wandlebury. The website is updated regularly and even includes events at other properties that may be of interest. Just recently I have seen a fantastic session on bees for children and I am hopefully booked on a session for adults in the coming weeks (fingers crossed there are spaces!)

Wandlebury wildflowers

And for schools? What Wandlebury have on offer is just as fantastic.

  • Nature Trails
  • Pond Investigations
  • Orienteering
  • Art Activities
  • Geography to develop those orientation skills
  • Archery
  • Iron Age experience for KS2- great to help with the new national curriculum!

For full details check out this helpful programme here.

Whether you are a family out for a day exploring or a school looking for somewhere to explore nature and wildlife, Wandlebury is certainly a place to visit. And if you don’t live in Cambridge…well we would love to have you come and visit us!

Where are your favourite local places to visit? Please share in the comments below!

Happy exploring!

p.s Don’t forget that today marks the start of #30DaysWild. Not sure what I am talking about? Check out the post here!


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