30 Days Wild- The First Week in the Classroom


The children are responsible for recording on our wall chart.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (and if you read this blog post!) you will know that I have been taking part in the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild challenge. Initially I had signed up with just me in mind but then made the choice to involve my class and my goodness it was the best decision ever! They loved it so much that we have finished our previous topic a bit earlier and launched a new nature topic to take us through until the end of term and we are very excited!

Monday 1st June- I told the children all about the project, showed them the video and our new Nature Table. All the children then made their own nature journals. We kept them very simple as 1) we wanted to get started as soon as possible and 2) we knew we would be taking them outside and so they would soon get the ‘well used’ look! I am a very keen keeper of journals and it is something I really enjoy sharing with the children. Our activity on day 1 was quite simple- feeling the ground underneath our feet! We went outside, took off our shoes and socks and just felt the grass and ground beneath our feet and chatted about what we felt! After every activity we drew or wrote (or both) in our journal. Importantly the children had a free choice and there was no pressure at all on the amount or type of recording. It simply had to provide them with a memory of the activity.

Nature Journal

Tuesday 2nd- Daisy Chains. In the back of my mind was an article I had read/ heard a while ago talking about how many children were not involved in activities like making daisy chains outside. After a quick survey of my class I discovered there was a large number who had never made a daisy chain before! So off we went to the field for a lesson. It was lovely seeing confident children helping those who struggled. We made short chains ourselves and then joined with friends. It was a lovely time outside!

30DaysWild daisy chains

Wednesday 3rd- We went outside to do some sketching. After talking about the kind of things we could draw we went outside and spread across the field, each child having their own ideas of what to sketch. The idea was for them appreciate something from nature.

Thursday 4th- Learning bird songs. I have discovered this is something my class has a hidden talent for!

Friday 5th- Dancing in the breeze….with a a few spatters of rain. It had been forecast to rain and so we decided that this would be the day we would go and dance in the rain. We finished our lesson and it was raining. Perfect! We lined up, went outside and found…it had stopped raining! So instead we danced in the breeze with a few spatters of rain!

The Weekend- All through the week the children were allowed to take their journals home if they wished to do extra things with their family and it was lovely how many did! My only stipulation is they were responsible for bringing them back the next day and incredibly we almost had a 100% success rate! At the weekend I asked all the children to take their journals home. I sent home a note to parents to explain with a few ideas of what they could do but stressed they could come up with their own. You should see the work that came back! I had journals filled with writing, pictures and photographs. A group of boys gathered together to go for a walk, three boys photographed a moth and we used one of our books to try and identify it (rather unsuccessfully so far!) and most importantly children spent time with their families. It was so lovely to hear their excited stories. And so we have started on week 2 of 30 Days Wild and I cannot wait to give you the next update!


Using the pooters to search for insects- a sneak peek at our new Nature topic!

Have you been taking part in 30 Days Wild? What have you been doing? Please share in the comments below. And remember it is never too late to join in!


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