I Love Museums


On the 10th June a fantastic campaign called ‘I Love Museums’ was launched, led by the National Museum Directors’ Council (NMDC). I first discovered it on Twitter (thank you to whoever tweeted about it!) and it is lovely to see the campaign pick up momentum. As a teacher and firm believer in lifelong learning I absolutely love the opportunity to share how amazing museums are! In Cambridge I am spoilt for choice for super museums to visit (hello Fitzwilliam and Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to name but two!) and I love nothing more than popping into London to catch up on new and old exhibits. When Mr Daylight Explorer and I go travelling to a new town or city we like nothing more than finding a new museum to explore.


My love of museums started when I was a child and I have memories of those yearly school trips to museums, large and small. But why do I love museums so much? I have always been someone who loves the stories of people. I also have a passion for learning about new people and places. Whether it is science, history, art…I will find something to transfix me. In my teaching I love to try and pass this on to the children and have led visits to the Science Museum in London, IWM Duxford, the Fitzwilliam and many more! I find it fascinating to take a class to a museum and see them come alive at something you weren’t expecting. For example on a recent trip to the Science Museum some of my children were fascinated by the models of the machine workshops and the fragment of George Stephenson’s hair! Visits like these bring topics to life for the children and so many museums are working incredibly hard on engaging children. I couldn’t imagine not being able to take the children (or just go myself!) to a museum and that’s why I fully back the ‘I Love Museums’ campaign which aims to “show funders and policymakers how much museums matter by celebrating the UK public’s support for our wonderful cultural institutions.”

Check out the #ILoveMuseums hashtag to see what others are saying about why they love museums. What is your favourite museum? I would love it you could share in the comments below! You can also visit the I Love Museums website to show your support for the amazing museums we have in the UK.


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