Belton House Garden Fete

Belton House Glass

Belton House in Lincolnshire is a fairly new National Trust property to me and I have been enjoying visiting and exploring what it has to offer. Belton House is a country house estate built in the 1680s and set in a 1300 acre deer park. There are beautiful gardens, an adventure playground, a lake and an orangery to explore but what drew me recently was a garden fete they held reminiscent of the ones from a hundred years ago to support the war effort. I booked a weekend with my dear mum and off we went, back in time to the days of Lord and Lady Brownlow who hosted fetes to raise funds for the war effort.

The weather was glorious and the staff, as usual, polite, friendly and informative. The fete was held in a small part of the front lawn. There was plenty of fun to be had by all including traditional games like tug of war, hoop rolling and quoits as well as refreshments and live music from the lovely Miss Marina Mae.

Create at Belton House

We sat in the sun and enjoyed the atmosphere and I may have partaken in a candy floss treat! We then walked over to watch some horseback displays and a History Revisited training camp.


There was lots to see and do and people were soaking in the sun. After that we walked around the grounds and made a visit to the orangery and the gardens to see what was in bloom.


Continuing through the estate to the lake (which we had not visited previously) we discovered the lake and boathouse and I held secret dreams of a summer writing retreat!


This visit was in a personal capacity but as I walked around I couldn’t help but think of the learning opportunities also present. Not only a wonderful place for kids and their families to visit it would also be a great place for classes to visit too. There are plenty of objects in the collections to help meet curriculum needs and Belton House also have a handy set of Numeracy Trails already prepared. Check out the lower KS2 one here! For even more ideas check out their learning pages here.

Belton House has lots more going on through the year. Have you ever visited? What is your favourite National Trust property to visit?


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