Summer to September

So the summer happened! It was brilliant and great and wonderful and relaxing and lovely.


But now it is September and a new school year! Woohoo! The new term has started in a whirl of excitement and brilliant stuff in the classroom which I cannot wait to share with you! This year I am teaching Year 4 again and instead of 34 (the number of children I had last year) I have 21! The difference is amazing! I have had a wonderful few weeks getting to know them and we have packed so much in already.

As well as being Literacy Subject Leader I am now also Computing Lead and in charge of our school website so lots of things going on! I am also super excited to work with The Kite TSA as a Culture and Arts Leader for Schools and Academies (CALSA) and think they are an inspirational group of people to be working with! And finally I have joined the Global Glitter Tribe blog with the aim of joining up and sharing ideas from teachers around the world. It has already led to my class Skyping with another class in Saudi Arabia!


So things have been busy but happy and I cannot wait to share how we launched our first topic of the term, Krindlekrax!



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