History Fun Day- Wandlebury

As a former history undergraduate I am a bit of a history geek. I think this stems from my love of stories and I remember at school being captivated by the past and the stories we were told. So when I saw that Wandlebury were holding a History Fun Day I just couldn’t resist visiting. In this blog post I shared a little bit about what makes Wandlebury special for families and schools and events like this add wonderfully to what they do.

I arrived to find the car park bustling with activity and took a slow walk to the main Iron Age themed event. A quick snack of cake and coffee and I was ready for some daylight exploring! There was a wide array of activities on offer including bushcraft, weapon and shield making, story telling, cooking and a variety of crafts. I was also interested to see some bee keeping information as well. I dragged myself away from the bees (promising myself one day I would live somewhere I could keep bees!) and continued to look around.


The staff and volunteers I spoke to were warm and welcoming and all the families I saw and spoke to were having great fun! A huge thank you to these little hands and their mum who let me take a picture of them hard at work!


After I had explored the history activities I then decided to go for a walk. I am a huge walking fan and relish any chance to get out and about. As I walked and enjoyed the nature surrounding me I stumbled across a mum and daughter following a history trail that had been set up around the site.


Listening to their shared conversation warmed my heart and I really wanted to tag along to hear the rest of their fascinating conversations about history. And this is the thing, whether it is at Wandlebury or a site near where you live you will find so much to explore and discuss with the kids as well as getting some fresh air and exercise!


Wandlebury hold regular events and they have some Halloween and half term events coming up! Check out the website here for more information!

Do you have anywhere recommended places for history lovers to visit? If so please leave a comment below!


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