Looking Back at 2015- Journaling with Children


A small selection of my journals

I have kept a journal since I was at school and over my teaching career I have tried hard to share the wonderful gift it can be. I love rifling through old journals and having the past brought back to life. Memories and experiences are there on the page for me to savour, cringe at or cause me to have a giggle- ‘I wrote what?!’ I think it is so important to get kids making their own reflections and using it as a chance to celebrate all they have achieved, thinking back to special memories and remembering their friends.

Over the years I have also used my journal as a place to reflect and I think this is a great thing for both kids and adults to do. The end of the year feels like a natural opportunity to look back and also to think about the year to come.

christmas baubles.jpg

You and the kids can make the prompts as simple or as complicated as you like and there are lots of prompts online. There are also lots of templates as well but I am a big believer in letting the children create the journal page themselves or you could create the page together? It would be a lovely family project!


In my example I have kept to quite broad categories but some children might need quite specific prompts to help them focus in.

journal reflection pages


In the future:

  • use the same prompts every year! That way you and the children can see how life changes over time!
  • add pictures and doodles to illustrate the year.
  • do a family journal with each member of the family answering the prompt.

I would love to hear about any of your journaling experiences! Please leave me a comment, let me know on Instagram or Twitter or drop me an email. I always love to talk journaling!

p.s. I have written this with the view of journaling with children but I think this is an exercise that many adults would benefit from carrying out as well!


Merry Christmas!

Gingerbread Christmas


A Very Merry Christmas from the Daylight Explorers house! 

I would like to take this chance to say thank you so much for all the comments and chat over the past year.

Happy Exploring!

Global Glitter Tribe- December Linky

I mentioned before that I am part of the Global Glitter Tribe, a group of bloggers from across the globe who are dedicated to making connections and strengthening our student’s understanding of being global citizens.


Each month there is a monthly link up that you can take part in and see what others think on the same topics. It is easy to take part and you can find full details here!

December GGT Linky.png

Staple Recipe:
What’s one thing you’re known for making during the holidays OR something someone else makes that you just can’t wait to get a taste of?
I just adore roasted turkey! I am a traditional girl at heart!
Holiday Read Aloud:
What books call to you during the holiday season?
Father Christmas Needs a Wee is a very funny picture book that I share every year! It has the kids roaring with laughter, always a good thing!
Integrated Technology:
Share a techy tip or wish list with us!
Starz is our local online learning environment and I am really enjoying using it with the class. In January I will become ICT subject leader at school and so I am looking forward to getting the whole school using it effectively.
New Find:
What’s something new you’ve discovered recently that you’re excited about?
This isn’t really education related but it is some brilliant Etsy shops that have some great supplies for my Midori journal! I love journaling!
Engaging Books:
Share a book that engages your age group!
Eek confession, I misread this at first and thought it was just share an engaging book. I have actually shared a YA book which is not for my year group AT ALL but it is one that I read in about a day recently. Sorry GGT!
Snow Day Plans:
What’s one thing you love to do on a snowy day? Don’t have snowy days? What do you like to do during a winter vacation? Not on winter vacation right now? What do you like to do during your seasonal break that you’re enjoying?
Read, journal, read, stay warm. We don’t get many snow days but when we do this is what I would love. The reality? I work from home!

Anglesey Abbey Winter Lights

Silver Birch Grove Anglesey Abbey Winter Lights

The Silver Birch Grove. I love this spot.

A few weeks ago Mr Daylight Explorer and I were lucky enough to go to the Anglesey Abbey Winter Lights. I have been going to Anglesey Abbey for years but had yet to make it to the Winter Lights and so when tickets went on sale I snapped up a pair. The weather was perfect, not too cold, no wind and no rain! We wrapped up warm and set off for our evening adventure! (Is that allowed on the Daylight Explorers, evening stuff?!)

When we arrived I couldn’t believe how busy it was! By the time we arrived it was our allotted slot time and so we bypassed the marquee outside and went straight in. I was worried about having to walk around with a big group but actually the crowds thinned out quite quickly and one of my favourite parts was actually listening to all the exclamations of joy as people rounded a corner and were dazzled by the lights on show. Walking somewhere I go at least once a month in the daylight was certainly a different (and dare I use the word magical?) experience at night.

I felt for poor Mr Daylight Explorer who just wanted to walk and experience the lights because he was with me, an avid memory keeper who wanted to take photos at every point! If it had been light enough I would have whipped my journal out of my bag 😉 But instead I tried to capture the evening on my little phone camera and actually some pictures were not too bad!

One of my favourites shots came as we rounded the corner near the dahlia garden and this performer appeared from the darkness. It was a true ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ moment from the crowd!

Angelesy Abbey Winter Lights Performer

Our only regret is that we didn’t take money because, as we walked around, our senses were enticed by several gorgeous smelling eateries. We did manage to cobble together enough money for some donuts and the long wait for them certainly made us enjoy them even more! As we queued we were entertained by the music provided and it was great to take in the wonderful atmosphere.


Families and friends were really enjoying the night together. I loved the sight of one little one draped in lights, oh how I wish I could have taken a picture! But I did manage to get a short video of some people truly having great fun! Have a look at this!

Thank you Anglesey Abbey National Trust for such a wonderful evening! I can’t wait for next year!

The Daylight Explorers