Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure


A lot of my book purchases start the same, I am browsing my lovely local bookshop (hello Heffers Children’s!) and something grabs my attention. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes a cover just makes you grab a book and run to the till. That is what happened with Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space. It was also handy for a space mini topic we were doing at school a month or so later. All I can say is my class loved it and it became my most borrowed book for weeks after. So imagine my joy when I was emailed by the lovely Emma of Flying Eye Books to tell me about a new Astro Cat book, Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure. Astro Cat is back to tell us all about the wonderful world of physics! The series is written by Dominic Walliman and illustrated by Ben Newman.

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I am now going to hand over to my lovely class who are going to share some of their thoughts and later we even get to interview Dominic and Ben!

Year 4- Our Thoughts

WM- It is interesting because you get to know more.

BM- It is simple to understand and it is teaching me things. I also really like the colours and illustrations.


EP- I like it because if I didn’t know what magnets are the book could teach me so I could know more.

ES- I would like more pages!

DA- It is fascinating and just the right length.


The Interview

We were then lucky enough to get the chance to email some questions to Ben and Dominic and receive replies!

Year 4- How did you think of so many facts?

 BEN: I just ask Dominic. Hey Dom, how do you think of all those facts?

DOM: I read a lot of books which filled my head up with facts, also, I learned a lot of physics which meant I could make up some of my own.

 Year 4- How long did it take to make the book?

BEN: It took about one year and 8 months. Dominic and I live in different countries now so it is a bit more difficult for us to talk. We use the internet to discuss ideas and share drawings. It would be really, really difficult for us to do Professor Astro Cat books without it.

DOM: Yes it took many drafts, which meant that we made something then talked about how to make it better, and then did that over and over again until we got something that we were really happy with.

 Year 4-Why do you like Science?

BEN: I know Dominic from school and he was always fascinated by science. I love science but I was more interested in art and English when I was at school.

DOM: Have you ever lay in bed at night and wondered why were are here? Or what we are made of? Or where the Universe comes from? Or what time is made of? I like science because it tries to answer questions like this and is so far the best way we have of finding out the answers. I find it endlessly fascinating!

Year 4- Why did you choose a cat for the main character?

BEN: When I was 7, my sister and I would make cartoons of our Grandma’s neighbour’s cat called Fluffy. Everyone in my family, except me, have a cat and I’ve been drawing cats since I was little and love drawing them now. I actually have a dog but sssssh! don’t tell anyone.

DOM: Cats are great! Ben came up with the idea of having the main character called Professor Astro Cat, and when he told me, I thought it was the best idea ever.

 Year 4- What is the title of your next book?

BEN: Its all about bogies. not really! I cant tell you what its about yet but we are working on it right now.

DOM: Professor Astro Cat is in his lab tinkering on his next invention and he can’t wait to unveil it. Not quite yet though… 🙂

 Thank you to Flying Eye Books for a copy of the book, Ben and Dominic for answering our questions and to my lovely class for their thoughts and comments!