5 Ideas for Getting Kids Involved with Nature this Easter Holiday

5 Things Easter (2)1.Have an Easter Nature Hunt! We all know about the traditional Easter Egg Hunt but try a twist on this tradition. Instead you could focus on finding different insects or maybe looking for the signs of Spring. The possibilities are endless and could create lots of fun for the little ones (and grown ups!) in your life.

2. Find yourself a copy of Outdoor Wonderland by Josie Jeffery and Alice Lickens. This is a fantastic guide for kids to being outside. It is packed full of activities that can keep the whole family entertained. I love the wide variety of ideas on offer from Eco Art to ideas for windy and rainy days.

Outdoor Wonderland

3. Make a Field Journal. I have always been a huge fan of journaling and I am keen to find as many ways as possible to get kids involved. A Field Journal (Nature Journal) is a perfect way to get kids out there observing nature. You could even create a family journal! This great video from SciShow Kids is a perfect way to introduce kids to the idea of a Field Journal.

4. Geocaching! You don’t need a GPS device, you can get started with your mobile phone! I love Geocaching as it fits in with my love of exploring. Check out this blog post from Family Sponge for more about Geocaching with kids!

5. Check out the Daylight Explorers Nature and Wildlife Pinterest Board for a wide variety of ideas for crafts, journaling and other nature related ideas. But most importantly enjoy spreading love and appreciation for nature!

Looking Back at 2015- Journaling with Children


A small selection of my journals

I have kept a journal since I was at school and over my teaching career I have tried hard to share the wonderful gift it can be. I love rifling through old journals and having the past brought back to life. Memories and experiences are there on the page for me to savour, cringe at or cause me to have a giggle- ‘I wrote what?!’ I think it is so important to get kids making their own reflections and using it as a chance to celebrate all they have achieved, thinking back to special memories and remembering their friends.

Over the years I have also used my journal as a place to reflect and I think this is a great thing for both kids and adults to do. The end of the year feels like a natural opportunity to look back and also to think about the year to come.

christmas baubles.jpg

You and the kids can make the prompts as simple or as complicated as you like and there are lots of prompts online. There are also lots of templates as well but I am a big believer in letting the children create the journal page themselves or you could create the page together? It would be a lovely family project!


In my example I have kept to quite broad categories but some children might need quite specific prompts to help them focus in.

journal reflection pages


In the future:

  • use the same prompts every year! That way you and the children can see how life changes over time!
  • add pictures and doodles to illustrate the year.
  • do a family journal with each member of the family answering the prompt.

I would love to hear about any of your journaling experiences! Please leave me a comment, let me know on Instagram or Twitter or drop me an email. I always love to talk journaling!

p.s. I have written this with the view of journaling with children but I think this is an exercise that many adults would benefit from carrying out as well!